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How does a bike company like Electra thrive for 20 years?

Well, it helps to have some pretty sweet bikes, but it’s more than that. It’s a basic outlook on life that everything can always be made better. Cooler. Awesomer. We’re innovators at heart. Artists in our soul. We’re a forward-facing company. Always looking for the next place to ride. The next innovation. The next sunny day. Not only is it more fun that way, but it’s helped us stay on the leading edge of the industry.

Take our patented Flat Foot Technology®. We dared to re-engineer the sacred bike frame geometry of you and ended up with a more comfortable, easier-to-control ride. Go figure. While riding is our passion, we’ve always believed our brand is as much about the people who ride our bikes as it is the bikes themselves. See more at:


Origins: Faliero Masi, was a professional racer in the 1930’s and this experience helped him understand The features other cyclists wanted.  With this knowledge he founded “Cicli Masi”, in Italy in 1950; the forerunner of Masi Bikes, now based in California.

Due to his skill in fitting bikes to their riders, Masi earned the nickname, "The Tailor." While providing frames for well-known racers, unfortunately, many of these cycling legends were under contract from other companies and could not display the Masi Logo.

In 1972, Faliero Masi brought his company to the U.S., with the aid of his son, Alberto, they promoted the unique blend of Italian design and American construction.  The bikes produced by Masi in the 1970s have become collector's items.

In the 1980s, Alberto Masi introduced a bicycle claimed to be "20 years ahead of its time in design and execution." This model was named the Milano3V for the American market.

Masi Bikes produces bicycles for wider audience than just world champions. The company has evolved significantly from the days in which Faliero Masi was building bicycles by hand. Masi Bikes now mass produces bicycles and most riders can now afford the beauty and joy of riding a Masi.






This says it all:  http://www.sun.bike/index.php.

Acme now has a bike in stock called the Day 6, model Dream 8 an 8 speed bike and it is literally the answer to your prayers from the chiropractic gods. The Dream 6’s seat has an upright backrest, allowing you to comfortably ride without stressing your lower back. It also has a pack on the seat that will allow you to carry small items wherever you go, so a wallet, phone, water bottle, or granola bar won’t be a hindrance.


Folding bikes from DAHON that provide the convenience to go anywhere, anytime. A DAHON folding bicycle gives you the flexibility to use other modes of transportation in order to get from point A to point B and stows easily when not in use."



With more than a century of cycling heritage under its wheels, Raleigh Bicycles is one of the most well-respected bicycle brands in the world. Raleigh offers a broad spectrum of bicycles including road, mountain, cyclocross, and commuter to exactly meet your desires.  The Raleigh brand possesses a rich history of producing quality bicycles that will make you a happy rider.

We’re proud of the Name Raleigh
We offer a brand that is reputable and relevant to you at a very personal  level, regardless of your skill or experience.  We are inspired by the motivation of the full-time office worker who spends their free time training for a race or event. We are driven by the person who rides for health, recreation and relaxation.  Our bikes give riders the chance to ride comfortably, enjoying covering the most distant they have ever ridden and we join them in celebrating their achievements. The smile on your face after a test ride, or on the return from any ride gives us great joy.  This is what we strive for. This is what Raleigh is. Want to know more? http://www.raleighusa.com/

DAY 6, Dream 8 model

At Cannondale Urban, our bikes aren't simply tools to get you from point A to point B; we design bikes for creative individuals to live fully. We are passionate about forging our own path, and we create bikes that don't follow the herd. We believe every ride is an expression of creativity, health and passion. Our systems-level designed bikes make the ride quicker, more comfortable and more enjoyable, helping you find the new route to work, the best cafe with friends, and the rush of a beautiful view at the end of the day. 




Helping You Conquer Your Mountain

Originally founded as a Japanese bicycle manufacturing company in 1899, Fuji was named after Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance.  Fuji is one of the oldest bicycle brands in the world.  Today it is fitting that 115 years later, the brand is still thriving.  We have experienced a few hiccups along the way, but no matter what comes our way we know that the road to success is perseverance.  You can win with perseverance as will Fuji. 

The actual mountain may be 12,000 miles away, but its spirit of strength and endurance, inspires the way we think and how we operate.  Your mountain may be closer and more modest. Perhaps your mountain is to improve your health, riding with your friends or club, or becoming “first in class”’ know that you can depend on Fuji to be there for you. 


Want to know more? http://www.fujibikes.com/#


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