Service and repair

More than just a place to buy a bike...

ACME is your terminal for professional services performed by our expert bicycle mechanics.

We are equipped with a large selection of parts and accessories to get you back riding again right away!

We are a full service shop that is able to maintain and repair any bicycle, tandem, or recumben.

We Specialize in

  • Custom Fender and Rack installations
  • Custom Wheel Building
  • Wheel Truing

Reasonable estimates are always provided free of charge

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Basic Service

  • ¬†Adjust and Lubricate Shifting System
  • Adjust and Lubricate Braking System
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Hub Bearing Preloads
  • Wheels Trued Laterally
  • Chain Wiped Down and Lubricated
  • Bike Cleaned and Wiped Down


Deluxe Service

Includes ‘Basic Service’ Package PLUS…

  • Removal and Cleaning of Front Derailluer & Rear Derailluer
  • Removal and Cleaning of Chain Cassette or Freewheel Crankset


Premium Service

Includes ‘Deluxe Service’ Package PLUS…

  • Replacement of Brake Cables and Brake Cable Housing
  • Replacement of Shift Cables and Shift Cable Housing