ACME Service & Repair

  • ACME Bicycle Shop is a full-service shop that is able to maintain and repair any bicycle, tandem, or recumbent.
  • ACME Bicycle Shop specializes in custom and pro-builds, as well as custom fender and rack installations and wheel truing, custom wheel build and service.
  • ACME Bicycle shop offers complete service packages that can be found here for any bicycle.
  • ACME Bicycle Shop will evaluate and present a reasonable estimate, free of charge.
  • ACME Bicycle Shop strives to offer the highest level of service available, with the fastest possible turn around times, seven days a week.
  • ACME Bicycle Shop stands behind our bike technicians and our service, and will work hard to resolve the toughest mechanical issues.

Our Mechanics are trained to give each and every bicycle the best service that it deserves. We do everything in our power to give you a safe and efficient ride within your budget. Our Mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. Most of all: they love bicycles and care about yours.

Basic Service $79.99

  • Adjust and Lubricate Shifting System
  • Adjust and Lubricate Braking System
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust Hub Bearing Preloads
  • Wheels Trued Laterally
  • Chain Wiped Down and Lubricated
  • Bike Cleaned and Wiped Down

Deluxe Service $149.99

  • Includes Basic Service Package Plus, Removal and Cleaning of:
  • Front Derailleur
  • Rear Derailleur
  • Chain Cassette/Freewheel
  • Crankset

Premium Service $249.99

  • Includes Deluxe Service Package Plus, Replacement of:
  • Brake Cables
  • Brake Cable Housing
  • Shift Cables
  • Shift Cable Housing

ACME Flat Repair

A quick tube replacement while you wait can get you back on the road fast. We carry Schrader and Presta valves in all lengths.

Tube Prices start at $7.94

Tire Prices start at $20

Labor starting at $7.94

ACME Other Services

  • Wheel Truing
  • Custom Wheel Building
  • Bottom Bracket Repair and Installation
  • Hub Repair
  • Fork/Shock Repair
  • E-Bike Maintenance (Bosch, Shimano STEPS, SRAM)