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We strive to be the best bicycle shop we can be

Who We Are

ACME Bicycle Shop is family owned and operated with old-fashioned values. We take pride in giving back to our community through activities, advocacy and programs.

How It Started

We love cycling and all the joy it brings us. We set out on a mission to share all the benefits of cycling with Charlotte County and beyond.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to improve your quality of life through cycling! We’re devoted to giving our customers the best customer service!

How It Works

Stop by any day of the week or give us a call! We’re here to make sure you have a safe, fun and efficient ride all within your budget!

Our award winning team is ready to serve you!

Over the years, Acme Bicycle Shop has helped thousands of people ride with a smile and peace of mind. We do everything in our power to give you a safe, fun and efficient ride, all within your budget.

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